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Bark River KnivesThe Bark River Knives company is a family-owned business located in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Bark River Knives is a specialty Cutlery Company that emphasizes maximum performance of its products. They use a blend of traditional and contemporary designs and styles. Manufacturing methods are also a blend of modern and traditional to gain needed tolerances while maintaining the subtle features that have produced exemplary cutting implements for centuries.

The goals of Bark River Knives are to produce only the finest semi-production cutting tools available on the market. These products are aimed for use by genuine outdoorsman who need uncompromising performance in the field.

To produce top performing knives requires the right combination of the finest grade of materials, skilled craftsmen, efficient and time tested manufacturing methods and strong knowledge leadership. Drawing on his years of knife making experience, Bark River Knives owner Mike Stewart has successfuly blended all of these ingredients and the resulting product is a testament to this fact.

Some features that guarantee you are getting one of the highest quality fixed blade knives produced anywhere:

• Laser cut from solid A-2 Tool Steel (A-2 steel is used for most Bark River knives) • Double quenched for maximum grain refinement • Triple tempered for maximum grain refinement • Cryo-treated for maximum stress relief • Convex ground to a sharp, hair shaving edge • Ergonomic handle designs for ease of use • 100% American-made • Lifetime Guarantee-If you have any problem with your knife, just return it to Bark River Knife & Tool Co. and they will repair or replace it.

The Specialty-High Quality knife market has steadily grown over the last 20 years. This growth started with mild interest in the late 1970’s and has snowballed into a major segment of today’s market. Bark River Knives is filling the need in this market area. Whether you are wanting an every day user knife or a custom made collector's knife, Bark River Knives has a knife that will provide complete satisfaction for you.



 Aurora A2 Steel
 Aurora 3V Steel
 Bird & Trout CPMS35VN Steel
 Bravo-1 A2 Steel
 Bravo 1 Rampless Field Knife A2 Steel
 Bravo-1 CPM 3V Steel
 Bravo-1 Rampless Field Knife CPM 3V Steel
 Bravo-1 LT CPM 3V Steel
 Bravo-1 CPM S35VN Steel
 Bravo-1.25 Outdoor Knife CPM 3V Steel
 Bravo-1.5 A2 Steel
 Bravo-1.5 Rampless Field A2 Steel
 Bravo-1.5 CPM 3V Steel
 Bravo-1.5 Rampless Field CPM 3V Steel
 Bravo III (3) CPM 3V
 Bravo Necker
 Bravo Necker 2
 Canadian Camp Knife-II
Canadian Special
 Canadian Special 3V Steel
 City Knife
 Classic Drop Point Hunter
 Classic Drop Point Hunter (Loveless Style) - CPM 154 Stainless Steel - Long Bolster
 Classic Lite Hunter 154CM Steel
 Custom Kalahari Hunter
 Custom Sahara Hunter
 EPK (Emergency Preparedness Knife)
 Essential EDC
 Fox River A2 Steel
 Fox River 3V Steel
 Fox River 3V Steel With SS Bolster
 Grasso Bolo-I
 Grasso Bolo-II
 Grasso Bolo-III
 Gunny A2 Steel
 Gunny CPM 3V Steel
 Gunny Hunter 3V Grooved Spine
 Gunny Hunter 3V Smooth Spine
 Gunny Rampless Field Knife CPM 3V Steel
 Gunny Scandi Grind 3V Smooth Spine
 Highland Special A2 Steel
 Highland Special CPM D-2 Steel
 Kitchen Knives
 Lil' Canadian CPM3V
 Liten Bror (Little Brother) CPM3V
 Little Carver
 Little Creek
 Magnum Fox River
 Micro-Canadian II
 Mini Canadian A2 Steel
 Mini Canadian 3V Steel
 Nessmuk Limited Edition
 Nomad Hunter
 North Star
 Pocket Bravo
 Pro Scalpel II
 Pro Scalpel CPM 3V Steel
 PSK 154CM Steel
 Rogue Bowie
 Special Hunting Knife
 S-T-S - 5
 S-T-S - 8
 Trail Buddy
 Wolf River S35VN Steel
 Woodland Special A2 Steel
 Woodland Special S35VN Steel

Bark River Knives